Symposia and Workshops

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ISMAR10, Madrid, Spain, 20-24 May 2019

This is the premier international symposium on MAR. Keep the date in mind for presentations on upcoming MAR projects. Details of topics, time schedule and the first circular are on the link above.


45th IAH Congress, Daejeon, Korea, 9-14 Sept 2018

45th Annual Congress of the International Association of Hydrogeologists “GROUNDWATER AND LIFE : Science and Technology into Action” 

BSMAR16, San Diego, California, USA, 5-7 March 2018

Recharge to the Rescue! Managed Aquifer Recharge (or MAR) as a water management tool.

16th Biennial Symposium on Managed Aquifer Recharge, of Groundwater Resources Assoc of California and Arizona Hydrological Society, at The Dana on Mission Bay, San Diego. 148 attended.

7th International Groundwater Conference, Delhi, India, 11-13 Dec 2017

Groundwater Vision 2030: “Water Security, Challenges & Climate Change Adaptation”

IGC7 will contain a keynote talk on MAR and a Plenary of the IAH-MAR Commission.  India is the country with greatest annual volume of recharge enhancement, so there will likely be a number of papers on this topic.

44th IAH Congress, Dubrovnik, Croatia, 25-29 Sept 2017

44th Annual Congress of the International Association of Hydrogeologists “Groundwater Heritage and Sustainability” Dubrovnik, Croatia,  25 – 29 September 2017.

 2nd International Inowas SUMMER SCHOOL: MAR Junior Research Group, Dresden, Germany, 4-15 September 2017

The Junior Research Group INOWAS and its partners ran the 2nd International Summer School
on Managed Aquifer Recharge, which was attended by 22 participants from 19 countries.  They became familiar with different MAR techniques and were guided through steps in planning, operation and optimisation of MAR schemes from technical, policy-related and financial perspectives.
The Summer School is intended to be run in different countries in future and requests to host may
be sent to Catalin Stefan at TU Dresden.

43rd IAH Congress, Montpellier, France, 25-29 Sept 2016.

This 43rd IAH Congress included two special streams on Managed aquifer Recharge :

6.01 Managed Aquifer Recharge, and

6.02 Water Reuse via aquifers.

Notes of the IAH-MAR Plenary

ISMAR9, Mexico City, Mexico 20-24 June 2016

ISMAR9 Palace of Mines, Mexico City 20-24 June 2016. Symposium organiser: Adriana Palma Nava

ISMAR9, Palace of Mines, Mexico City 20-24 June 2016.                                    Symposium organiser: Adriana Palma Nava