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Welcome to IAH-MAR Managed Aquifer Recharge

IAH-MAR is a forum for information on the work within the international groundwater community on the management and enhancement of aquifer recharge, a vital tool in the sustainable management of the world's underground water resources.
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October 2013 Publication on clogging released
Download this IAH Monograph on clogging which aims to draw together various fields of knowledge. There have been many studies of clogging of MAR projects, and the generic causes of clogging are well known. However, the reduction in hydraulic conductivity beneath infiltration facilities and around recharge wells is still a frequent reason for abandonment of MAR projects. This publication contains contributions by many authors.

We are inviting continuing contributions to further develop the monograph. For more information and to register your interest download this form [Word 25KB] .

ISMAR8 The 8th Annual International Symposium on Managed Aquifer Recharge, Beijing, October 15-19 2013
Visit the ISMAR8 website

Vale Herman Bouwer

Vale Herman Bouwer
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Dear IAH MAR folk,
With sadness I pass on news that Herman Bouwer passed away on Sunday 28 July 2013 in Arizona. The message came from his son, Ed, who has also made his own distinguished contributions to the understanding and applications of MAR. Ed has forwarded a brief Bio of his father outlining his accomplishments. I appended to this a tribute on behalf of the IAH Commission on MA.

Peter Dillon
CoChair, IAH Commission on Managing Aquifer Recharge

Please read the bio and tribute [PDF 448KB]
Also read the program and photo card [PDF 2.5MB] that was handed out at his service

Global MAR inventory
IGRAC has drawn together a database of Managed Aquifer Recharge at a global scale. Information gathered is available via the IGRAC portal to provide a shared knowledge resource.

Renewal of Commission
All IAH Commissions were closed on 30 June 2011 by the IAH Executive as a measure for refreshing and rearranging functions. The Executive recognised the high level of activity of the Commission on MAR and its focus and our proposal to reform on 1 July 2011 was accepted by IAH Executive. The exercise helped us to rethink our objectives and activities as outlined in the proposal [PDF 94KB]. Essentially the ambitious program already commenced continues with renewed energy. Announcements concerning new Commission activities and changes will be made in due course.

Recent publications


IAH-MAR has its roots in the Working Group on Artificial Recharge, founded in 1998 by Ivan Johnson of AIJ Consultants in Denver and formerly of USGS, an activist for more than 30 years in artificial recharge research and practice, and leader of the ASCE/EWRI Standards Committee for Artificial Recharge. The group had its first meeting in November 2000 at Cape Town (IAH XXX). The change in name from 'Artificial Recharge' to 'Management of Aquifer Recharge' reflects the reality that water banking and bank filtration harness natural processes to manage and enhance aquifer recharge, a vital tool in the sustainable management of the world's groundwater resources.

AIMS: "IAH-MAR aims to expand water resources and improve water quality in ways that are appropriate, environmentally sustainable, technically viable, economical, and socially desirable. It will do this by encouraging development and adoption of improved practices for management of aquifer recharge. This will be achieved by increasing awareness of MAR among IAH members and the community, by facilitating international exchange of information between members (e.g. via a web page and an email list), by disseminating results of research and practical experience (e.g. via conferences and reference database), and by undertaking joint projects and activities identified as important by its members.


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