MAR Community of Practice China

Leader: Weiping Wang


Workshop – 17-21 Sept 2018 – Development of MAR on North China Plain

led by Simon Stisen and Yan Zheng 

The Denmark Ministry of Foreign Affairs approved a project entitled MAR in the North China Plain and this involves the Geological Survey of Denmark and a number of Chinese partners (all involved in the MAR Network China) including Southern University of Science and Technology, University of Jinan, Beijing Water Science and Technology Institute and Chinese Geological Survey.  The kick-off workshop for this project was held in  Beijing  and included visits to field sites in Beijing and Jinan and a seminar in Shenzhen.

Workshop- Sept 2015 – MAR Guidelines for China

Yan Zheng (MAR for Development Working Group Leader and Weiping Wang (Commission Co-Chair, and Leader of the China MAR Network) coordinated a workshop in Beijing on 7 Sept 2015 to discuss the formation of MAR Guidelines for China and upscaling of demonstration projects. This workshop resolved that this was essential and collaboratively determined a pathway to progress this work with the National Government.

ISMAR8 Symposium, Beijing 2013 – evolved from the establishment of the concept of a National MAR networks that were an outcome of a UNESCO hosted workshop at the Thailand Groundwater Conference, Bangkok, early 2009.