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Water Quality Considerations for Managed Aquifer Recharge Systems – a thematic issue  of MDPI Water Journal, an open access journal.

Guest editors: Pieter Stuyfzand (1,2) and Niels Hartog (1,3)

(1) KWR Watercycle Research Institute, Netherlands

(2) Technical University Delft, Netherlands

(3) University of Utrecht, Netherlands 

This issue contains at least 18 papers, many of which were developed from those presented at ISMAR9.  For list of contents click on link above. These full papers are freely downloadable. 

Managed Aquifer Recharge in Integrated Water Management 

This is being developed from papers enhanced from those presented at ISMAR9 as a thematic issue in Springer’s Journal “Sustainable Water Resources Management”. It is being edited by Peter Dillon, Paul Pavelic, Weiping Wang and Adriana Palma Nava, and when published will appear at  and will have open access for a period. On the linked web page is a description of the special issue and a place to subscribe to alerts of content on the release of new issues of this journal. More than 60 papers were invited and 30 were submitted and 6 have been accepted and 13 more are in process of review and revision at Sept 2017.

Finalised papers are shown below and titles of the web published papers contain links where known.  The full text of these can be read on-line for free via these links.  Abstract and references can be downloaded from the SWARM Online First pages  however in neither location can the full text be downloaded nor printed  without payment to Springer. Papers where authors have paid for full open access are indicated.

A simple method using farmers’ measurements applied to estimate check dam recharge in Rajasthan, India – Dashora et al (2017)

Measures to mitigate direct flood-risks at riverbank filtration sites with a focus on India – Sandhu et al (2017)

Modelling the potential for floodwater recharge to offset groundwater depletion: A case study from the Ramganga basin, India – Pavelic et al (2017)

Protection of groundwater dependent ecosystems in Canterbury, New Zealand: the Targeted Stream Augmentation Project – Painter et al (2017) FULL OPEN ACCESS



Policy and Economics of Managed Aquifer Recharge and Water Banking, – a thematic issue  of MDPI Water Journal, an open access journal.

Guest editors: Sharon Megdal, University of Arizona, Tucson and Peter Dillon, CSIRO, Australia

The free issue contains 14 papers most of which were developed from those presented at ISMAR8. This issue has also been published as a hardbound book and the issue and book are available from the thematic issue web site.



Water storage for managing climate extremes and change – a special issue of Environmental Research Letters, an open access journal.

Guest Editors: Vladimir Smakhtin, United Nations University, and Bridget Scanlon, University of Texas at Austin

This issue of 10 papers was produced between 2014-2016 jointly between IAH Commission on Groundwater and Climate Change and IAH Commission on Managing Aquifer Recharge, Bridget Scanlon led an IAH-MAR working group which wound up in 2016 having completed the task. Two papers focussed on MAR:

Lopez et al (2014). Water management during climate change using aquifer storage and recovery of stormwater in a dunefield in western Saudi Arabia.  and

Scanlon et al (2016) Enhancing drought resilience with conjunctive use and managed aquifer recharge in California and Arizona and

The issue is found at:


Environmental Earth Sciences, Volume 73, No 12, June 2015: Thematic Issue ISMAR8 China

Edited by Xuan Zhao and Weiping Wang

17 papers abstracts are found at and full papers can be obtained by payment to the journal.

List of papers:

ASCE J Hydrologic Engineering, Vol 20, No 3, March 2015. Special Issue on Managed Aquifer Recharge: Powerful Management Tool for Meeting Water Resources Challenges

Edited by Zhuping Sheng and Xuan Zhao

12 papers abstracts are found at