Certificates of appreciation

The Commission on Managing Aquifer Recharge is recognising the important contribution of its members to the promotion and advancement of managed aquifer recharge around the world. As symbolic gesture of recognition, certificates of appreciation are awarded by the IAH President, at the recommendation of IAH-MAR Co-Chairs, every tree years (usually during the plenary session of each ISMAR). The recipients of past IAH certificates are listed below (in alphabetical order):


  • Robert Bower (New Zealand)
  • Peter Dillon (Australia)
  • Thomas Grischek (Germany)
  • Adam Hutchinson (USA)
  • Sharon Megdal (USA)
  • Karen G. Villholth (South Africa)


  • Doug Bartlett (USA)
  • Adriana Palma Nava (Mexico)
  • Andrew Ross (Australia)
  • Catalin Stefan (Germany) and IGRAC (The Netherlands)
  • Yan Zheng (China)


  • Mario Lluria (USA)
  • Paul Pavelic (Laos)
  • Gabriel Pérez de los Cobos (Switzerland)
  • Albert Tuinhof (The Netherlands)
  • Weiping Wang (China)


  • Devinder K. Chadha (India)
  • Enrique Fernández Escalante (Spain)
  • Russell Martin (Australia)
  • Ricky Murray (South Africa)
  • Xuan Zhao (China)


  • Ian Gale (UK)
  • David Pyne (USA)
  • Pieter Stuyfzand (The Netherlands)


  • Herman Bouwer (USA)
  • Ivan Johnson (USA)