Recent IAH-MAR Plenaries

Plenaries are meetings generally held in IAH Congresses, ISMARs and other regional groundwater symposia of all people who want to hear about what the Commission is doing and to suggest activities and form new working groups to undertake new projects at an international level to advance the Commissions objectives.  Commission plenary meetings are open to all, and new attendees are always welcome. The notes give a good snapshot of all the commission’s current activities and plans.

Notes of recent plenaries

13 April 2022 at ISMAR11 Long Beach CA, USA

26 September 2019 at IAH 46th Congress, Malaga, Spain

22 May 2019 at ISMAR10 Madrid, Spain

10 Sept 2018 at IAH 45th Congress, Daejeon, Korea (1.2 Mb) or (powerpoints 3.4Mb)

12 Dec 2017 at IGC New Delhi India

25 Sept 2017  at IAH 44th Congress, Dubrovnik, Croatia

27 Sept 2016  at IAH 43rd Congress, Montpellier, France

21 June 2016  at ISMAR9 Plenary, Mexico City, Mexico

Upcoming plenaries


.. Next Election for co-chairs will be at ISMAR12, Cape Town, April-May 2025.