MAR Community of Practice Italy

Leader: Dr Rudy Rossetto

Rudy Rossito reported that in 2018 the first two legally authorised, and recognised as such, MAR schemes entered into operations in Italy. They are the Marecchia fan infiltration basin (Emilia Romagna) and the Suvereto infiltration basin (Tuscany). The latter works in automatic mode with advanced sensing and data transmission technologies for monitoring surface- and ground-water and performing recharge operations.  Capacity building activities were run by means of site visits at the Suvereto MAR plant along with the chartered order of geologists and engineers, and students of the MSc in Geotechnologies of the Univ. Siena and of the Summer School on Digital water (run at Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna, Pisa).  On October the 3rd 2018 a successful workshop on MAR scheme design and construction (following the ongoing regulation DM 100/2016) was jointly run by LIFE REWAT partners and Regione Emilia Romagna at the GEOFLUID fair in Piacenza attracting about 60 active participants. Finally, a site visit for local administrators and politicians was run at the site on December 14th 2018. The Suvereto MAR scheme was also showcased in a couple of TV news broadcasts.

Here is a more detailed report with pictures of the workshop and field visits covering  the Italian Network on MAR activities in 2018.