ISMAR9 Mexico City June 2016

ISMAR9 Mexico City June 2016

Welcome to the website of the International Association of Hydrogeologists Commission on Managing Aquifer Recharge (IAH-MAR). Here you can discover what our working groups are doing and contribute to their current projects, you can connect with people and resources, get information on symposia coming up, and join our email list to stay informed of latest news. We also have sister sites in Spanish and Chinese.

Managed Aquifer Recharge

Managed aquifer recharge, also called groundwater replenishment, water banking and artificial recharge, is the purposeful recharge of water to aquifers for subsequent recovery or environmental benefit.  It embraces methods such as riverbank filtration, stream bed weirs, infiltration ponds and injection wells, and uses natural water sources and appropriately treated urban stormwater, sewage and other waste waters to increase groundwater storage, protect and improve water quality,and secure drought and emergency supplies. Its growing scientific base supports its rapidly increasing use as a vital management tool in the sustainable use of the world’s water resources.

Latest News

In August 2018 Karen Villholth (IWMI, South Africa) conducted a GRIPP workshop on Groundwater Based Natural Infrastructure during Stockholm International Water Week. A web page was published on a range of 18 methods, predominantly MAR, to improve water management. This is part of the Groundwater-based Natural Infrastructure site.

The second special issue to be published out of ISMAR9 has was published in June 2018 in the Springer journal Sustainable Water Resources Management on the theme MAR in Integrated Water Management. This new special issue has open access only until 11 August 2018. You can down load free copies of the 19 papers until then from the springer web site : https://link.springer.com/journal/40899/4/2/page/1. After that you there will be  indefinite free access to the author formatted final manuscripts of these papers from the IAH MAR web site, by agreement with Springer. For more information, and list of papers, please see https://recharge.iah.org/thematic-issues-journals .Editors : Peter Dillon, Paul Pavelic, Adriana Palma Nava and Weiping Wang.

The first ISMAR9 special issue in the open access J Water edited by Pieter Stuyfzand and Niels Hartog was published in 2017 on the topic Water Quality Considerations for Managed Aquifer Recharge Systems, also contains 19 papers, and remains open for free access indefinitely. If you haven’t checked the list of papers yet please see https://recharge.iah.org/thematic-issues-journals

The working group on 60 years history of MAR now has 16 countries with national summaries on the IAH-MAR web site at https://recharge.iah.org/60-years-history-mar If your country is missing and you would like to take this on please see information at that link. A paper has been submitted to Hydrogeology Journal giving a global summary. More info soon.