Global MAR Inventory

Goals and Activities: proposal-for-an-iah-mar-wg-on-inventory-pd-cs-9oct15

Leaders: Prof Catalin Stefan, TU Dresden, Germany (leader of INOWAS Group)

Nienke Ansems, International Groundwater Resources Assessment Centre, Delft, The Netherlands

IGRAC MAR Portal – The MAR Portal contains detailed information on Managed Aquifer Recharge sites around the world as well as regional MAR suitability maps. Outputs of the working group activities are uploaded and maintained here.

Examples of synthesis of outputs to date – see below:

Presentation at IAH -MAR Commission Plenary, Dubrovnik-25 Sept 2017 by Catalin Stefan

Example from IGRAC's MAR Portal

Example of MAR global inventory map from IGRAC’s MAR Portal