20-24 May 2019, Madrid, Spain

“MAR to solve the global water crisis”

The 10th International Symposium on Managed Aquifer Recharge (ISMAR10) was organised between 20-24 May 2019 in Madrid, Spain. The conference was organised by Tragsa Group, with the assistance of invited co-organizers Spanish Geological Survey (IGME) and the Spanish chapter of the International Water Resources Association (IWRA). The Organising Committee included the IAH-MAR Commission, UNESCO IHP, American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) and the EIP Water of the European Union.

Download ISMAR10 Results

The results initially posted in website were transfered to, after the site was removed from internet due to ismar 11 imminency. Please, download the materials, including the conference agenda, complete repository of oral and poster presentations, books of abstracts and proceedings, field trip guides, photos and videos gallery, Media releases and more.

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Thematic Issues of Journals

Water, vol. 12, no. 7, 2019/2020
Special Issue (available also as printed book): “Managed Aquifer Recharge for Water Resilience”

Guest editors: Peter Dillon, Enrique Fernández Escalante, Sharon B. Megdal, Gudrun Massmann

This special issue was initiated by the IAH Commission on Managing Aquifer Recharge to capture and extend from selected papers at the 10th International Symposium on Managed Aquifer Recharge (ISMAR10) held in Madrid, Spain, 20-24 May 2019. The special issue is available also as printed book on the MDPI website.

Conference sessions

MAR and Integrated Water Resources Management


Dr. Alice Aureli. UNESCO (France)
Prof. Jeff Camkin, University of Western Australia / LNEC (Australia / Portugal)

  • MAR & rural
  • MAR for rural and irrigation water supplies
  • Potential of MAR in long-term/distance water diversion schemes
  • MAR in conjunctive use of surface water and groundwater
  • Establishing strategic groundwater reserves.
  • River Bank Filtration

MAR as a key climate change adaptation measure


Dr. Alok Sikka (India)

  • Innovation in harvesting and storing flood water
  • Detention and infiltration systems
  • Mitigation of climate change adverse impacts by means of MAR
  • Flood-MAR

Sustainable MAR in developing countries


Dr. Yan Zheng, Univ. of Science and Technology, Beiging (China)

  • MAR in developing countries

MAR mapping


Dr. Arnaud Sterckx, IGRAC (The Netherlands)
Dr. Catalin Stefan, Technische Universität Dresden (Germany)

  • Advanced methodologies for the selection of aquifers/sites
  • MAR maps methods
  • New MAR maps

MAR and economic aspects


Dr. Andrew Ross, Australian National University (Australia)

  • Quantification of benefits and costs of MAR
  • Circular economy and MAR (from cradle to cradle)
  • Financing MAR for water and food security
  • Water footprint from MAR activities
  • Green and blue waters
  • Public Procurement of MAR Innovative Solutions

MAR to MAR-k€t


Dr. Jon San Sebastián, Tragsatec (Spain)

  • MAR to complement groundwater demand management
  • MAR and agroindustry
  • MAR and mining industrial applications of MAR geothermal injection, MAR to source heat pumps…

MAR and water reuse


Dr. Christoph Sprenger. Berlin Kompetenz Wasser (Germany)
Dr. Ido Negev. Mekorot Inc. (Israel)

  • Water reclamation technologies for MAR reclaimed water reuse via aquifers

Sustainable managed aquifer recharge technical solutions


Dr. David G. Pyne. ASR Systems (USA)
Dr. Enrique Fernández Escalante. TRAGSA-IAH-MAR Comm. (Spain)

  • Advances in design and construction criteria of MAR systems
  • BIM
  • MAR Technical Solutions (SMARTS)
  • Methods and strategies Alternative and innovative water recharge systems
  • Operations and maintenance of MAR

MAR and management of clogging

A classical session in every ISMAR


Dr. Jordan Clark. University of California, Santa Barbara (USA)
Dr. Russell Martin. Wallbridge Gilbert Aztec (Australia)

MAR regulations


Dr. Manuel Sapiano, SEWCU (Malta)
Dr. Elena López Gunn, I-Catalist (Spain)

  • MAR worldwide regulations
  • Recharge policies, quality standards Institutional innovation for MAR
  • Water banks, groundwater user groups…
  • Governance Decision Support Systems (DSS)

MAR and monitoring


MSc. Eng. Bob Bower, WGA (New Zealand)

  • Water management and MAR innovative systems
  • IT applications, normalization, standardization and interoperability advances

MAR and modeling


Dr. Rudy Rossetto, Schola Superior Ingenieria Santa Anna, Pisa (Italy)
Dr. Gudrum Massmann (Germany)

  • New developments and codes
  • Practical examples, water quality interaction codes
  • Hydro-economic modeling

MAR and ecosystems


Dr. Suzana de Lima Montenegro. Federal University of Pernambuco (Brazil)

  • Riparian restoration
  • Mitigating geological/geotechnical impacts using MAR, land subsidence, collapses…

MAR in coastal areas and islands


Dr. Kim Yongcheol. KIGAM (South Korea)

  • MAR for mitigating saltwater intrusion
  • MAR with desalinated water

MAR and environmental impacts/risks


Dr. José Antonio de la Orden Gómez. IGME (Spain)
Dr. Larry Eaton. GSI Oregon (USA)

  • Risk and impacts assessment
  • Specific indicator systems for MAR
  • MAR activities impact evaluation assessment
  • Benchmarking

MAR water quality and related hydro-geochemistry aspects


Dr. Pieter J. Stuyfzand, University of Delft / KWR (the Netherlands)

  • MAR for drinking water quality improvement
  • Techniques to break/recycle emergent compounds

MAR health aspects


Dr. Declan Page, CSIRO Land and Water (Australia)
Dr. Boris van Breukelen. Technical University of Delft (the Netherlands)

  • Removal and fate of microorganisms and organic compounds
  • Fate of pathogens in the aquifer and fate of pollutants of concern in MAR system
  • Microbial ecology of MAR aquifer storage zones

Urban MAR


Dr. Koen Zuurbier. KWR. The Netherlands.
Arq. Ignacio Prieto Leache. Tragsatec (Spain)

  • Sustainable Urban Drainage systems (SUDS)
  • Rainwater/stormwater harvesting

R&D projects on MAR


Dr. Peter Dillon. Former CSIRO -IAH-MAR Comm. (Australia)

  • Innovation and integration in MAR recent and ongoing R&D projects (EC perspective)
  • Research gaps

Education and training on MAR


Dr. Wang Weiping. Univ. of Jinan Shandong. IAH-MAR Comm. (China)
Mr. Doug Bartlett. Clear Creek Associated – American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) (USA)

  • Training for MAR operators
  • Training for future water managers
  • Dissemination strategies and examples
  • Bench-learning