MAR to MARket

MAR to MARket Working Group


The MAR to MARket working group is coordinated by Enrique Fernandez Escalante, Tragsa, Madrid, Spain and Teresa E. Leitão, LNEC, Lisbon, Portugal, and commenced with a workshop at ISMAR8, Beijing 2013.

The aims of MAR to MARket Working Group are to identify and communicate effectively with a much wider range of water users and water managers to explain MAR and its benefits than are normally exposed to IAH. This involves engaging with: Agro-industry, Water supply industry, Waste water treatment plants (SAT), Desalination companies, Bottled water companies, Golf courses, Public administration, Balnearies & spas (sallus per aquam), Hotels and tourist facilities.

The activities and intended outputs of this working group are described at a post on the dina-mar website. These include diversifying the types of industries and organisations for whom managed aquifer recharge would be profitable.

Subsequently, EIP Action Group 128, was approved in March 2014 by the European Commission and is coordinated by João Paulo Lobo-Ferreira, from LNEC Lisbon, Portugal assisted by Enrique Fernadez Escalante. Both are members of the EU Project MAR-SOL.   The EIP Action Group objectives are accessible here. These involve dissemination of information concerning MAR applications within the European Innovation Network, using case study sites, of which the main one is Arenales aquifer (c y l, Spain).

This group in association with MAR-SOL EU project has been hyperactive holding a series of meetings in The Netherlands (Feb 2016), Greece (Mar 2016), Tunisia (May 2016), Italy (June 2016), Bolivia (July 2016), Germany (Oct 2016), Spain (Nov 2016), Italy (Nov 2016), Portugal (Dec 2016), to increase awareness of MAR, particularly widening the clientele. Details are at: martomarket-dinamar-marsol-2016-activities

A Peruvian example is shown at MAR to Market-IAH-MAR plenary-25 Sept 2017-example for-ICA-PERU-Enrique PPTs

MAR to MARket links at DINA-MAR website: (Spanish and English objectives EIP 2014) (Spanish and English – Workshop on Boosting MAR in Europe Feb 2016 – 7 presentations)

Contact: Dr. Enrique Fernández Escalante, Department Research and Development (Tragsa Group), E-mail:,  Tel. +34 91322 6106